Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Scout's got another problem. Something happened to his eye. I suspect Bella kicked him while they were playing in the pasture. She gets all excited and gets to bucking and kicking and I have seen her get him once before in the side. His eye is all swollen and weepy, and the parts that are supposed to be pink or white are red red red. I rinsed it with saline since there was some dirt and grass in evidence, then called the vet. They're probably going to come out tomorrow. There doesn't appear to be any trauma to the eyeball itself but I could have missed it. Hopefully they can come out really early. I don't like eye problems. The poor kid is miserable too. Hope she didn't damage his little head in the process... Now I'm thinking I better go check on them again. Hopefully it'll be no big deal though, maybe just a horsey equivalent of a black eye.


Callie said...

OH good grief! Any injury with a horses eye can be bad. I hope it turns out well and there is no damage to the eye itself! Good Luck. He really is filling out!

Anonymous said...

Poor Baby. I will call you later to see how he is doing.
I really need to come meet him.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness..I hope it is not serious... I had one filly who cut her eyeball on a piece of plastic on a plastic water bucket. It required putting pain killer and antibiotic in it several times a day for several weeks. She DID NOT like this at first and put up a struggle.After several days she got better about it . I think she may have realized it felt much better afterward. But her eye healed with no scar or loss of vision . ya just do what ya gotta do and hope for the best ! Doris