Friday, May 02, 2008

I'm sorry I've been gone so much lately. I've been here, thinking "I should blog" and feeling totally overwhelmed by the thought of a blog post, or trying to keep up with my emails, or doing anything other than what I absolutely have to do. I'm tired. My allergies, they are not my friends. I can't breathe well so I get tired, and this time of year is busy so I just get really tired. I'll just go through things point-by-point so I don't get too overwhelmed with this whole blogging thing. (I'm such a sissy...)

Arlene! Congratulations on adopting your mustang! I hope you come back here and tell me more about him, and I'd love to hear you have a blog where I can see pictures and progress. My favorite was in the pen yours came from, and I'm not too sure which one you got, I would be so excited if you got the one I liked best. I think you got one of the other bays though. I liked the way both of those were put together. He's going to be some horse when he's all grown and under saddle!

For anyone who didn't see the comments, only two horses were adopted at Odessa. How sad. I think it must have been the combination of the location and the cost of gas/diesel. Hopefully we'll get a much better turnout in Spokane and Pasco. Lea and Bob are gentling two yearlings for the Pasco adoption, so if you're looking for one you can get your hands on right away, be there!

Scout is doing well, although not totally healed. Whoops, have to call the vet, hang on, I almost forgot... Darn it, he's gone for the day. Well, I think Scout's doing alright, the eye just isn't fully "popped" back out. Still kind of recessed. We're making friends now too, which is nice. That little turd was hard to catch! Now I'm offering him a handful of Calf Manna and not sticking my finger in his eye twice a day, and he's really coming around. Nice to be able to pet him without restraining him.

On Monday morning I got a call from my hay guy, he wanted to fertilize our pasture that day and it was going to cost a LOT. "Is that okay?" Crap! That's not fair! I hadn't even had my coffee yet, that's too early to ask me something like that on the spot. We ended up fertilizing. Also had a nice ride with Laura on Mack and me on Tonka, just fiddling around out front while the guys fertilized.

Then I realized I couldn't put the horses back on the pastures with that nitrogen on there, and they ended up off pasture for two days while I got some fencing set up on the hill in my spare time. Then I turned them loose in the good grass for a couple hours.

Yes, my horse is goofy. I'm okay with it. I love his ears.

Tonka in the sky with... well, grass. Not a very catchy tune...

I was so flattered. I had sat down to do something, and he came and hung out with me rather than run off with the other horses. Allowing for many weird pictures which I won't subject you to. Then Mack and Soxy ran up the hill and Tonka followed:

Then he came running back and hung out with me some more!

I guess maybe I'm not a totally irritating presence in his life. It made me feel good.

Oh! John is going to go on a poker ride with me tomorrow! I am so excited. I hope he decides he really likes it and we can keep Mack and enjoy many more rides together. Someone's coming to look at Mack tonight. I'm really liking this horse lately, I don't want to sell him. He's sweet.

I also sold my flex tree saddle today. Did some shopping, found a new saddle shop, but didn't buy anything. I am now officially totally without a saddle. Lucky my dad's saddle works so well for me! I like it a lot, it looks good on my horse and it's pretty comfy for both of us.

Last thing of any possible interest I can think of - I'm trying new bits on Tonka. He's a fiddler. Big time. I think it's probably nerves, but I'm hoping a more comfortable bit will make a difference. I'm borrowing a 3 piece snaffle, some special dressage brand or something... NOT a Dr. Bristol, don't worry. Hopefully without the snaffle poking him in the roof of his mouth he'll be happier. I rode in 2 different bits yesterday and he reacted the same to both of them, except he was maybe a little happier to give vertically in the 3-piece bit. Still fiddled though... He probably just needs to be ridden more so he won't get so worried. Which is in the plans! I rode for a couple hours yesterday, will ride tonight and tomorrow. He's been ridden more days than not lately, I need to make a habit of that!


Pony Girl said...

Andrea, great to catch up on what you've been up to! I'm bummed about the 2 horses being adopted...if I could, I would, in a heartbeat! Glad Scout is still on the road to recovery.....
Allergies can make people tired? Maybe that is my problem! I have been exhausted for a couple weeks! ;) I guess it 'tis that season....hang in there! Your Tonka is a special guy. Have fun on the poker ride! Win a good hand!

Arlene said...

I have started my own blog. There are pictures and an update of the mustang I adopted.