Friday, May 09, 2008

My vet pulled some strings and got us in to see someone today about the eye. This doctor goes to WSU once a month, and she's not an ophthalmologist yet, but she's studying under the one that's up in Spokane, so she's the best we've got down here. I'm hoping she'll give us some closure rather than sending us on for another appointment in Spokane.

On another note, I was hanging out in the pasture with Bella and Scout yesterday, just loving on them. I noticed yet again how the sides of her face bulge out a bit where her molars are. Got me wondering if maybe her teeth need work, so I reached up in there. I couldn't really tell if she had calluses on her gums, but I didn't feel any sharp teeth. There isn't much room up there at all though! Then I noticed her incisors don't meet together, her tongue is in the way. It completely fills up her mouth, and then some. She must be able to move it back to close her teeth and graze, but I wonder what this will mean when training. It seems to me there may be no room in there for a bit. And yes, Scout has the same thing going on. No big deal, we can find a good bitless option.

The three other horses got to be in the pasture right next to the baby for the first time. Bella wasn't too happy about that. She got her neck all arched and was kind of striking out toward them. Luckily she didn't get her foot near the fence, I was kind of worried about that. She and Tonka sniffed noses through the fence until he got shocked. Poor guy, he was a nervous wreck for a while after that. After the initial "checking each other out" period, she took Scout up to the top of her pasture where she didn't have to worry about the intruders. I think she'll be the one to let me know when it's safe to let another horse in with them. She's obviously not ready for that yet.

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