Sunday, May 25, 2008

Scout had a leading lesson today. Poor kid. It's rough. Look, he's pouting:Aww, cheer up kid, it'll get easier.

Mack working on patience:

Bella and Scout taking a break after the leading lesson:

Poor Bella, she was tied up and had to watch her baby struggle through the halter training thing. She was not a happy mama. But I couldn't have her running around freaking out if I wanted Scout to learn anything.

After that we went out and did some circle work. Walk, whoa, reverse and walk, whoa. No trotting because she was already stressed and this was supposed to be calming work.

I decided to go ahead and trim her hind feet since I didn't get them done yesterday. She wasn't too sure I should keep that foot quite so long, and she smashed my big toe with her big toe. OUCH. After that I was careful to keep that foot cranked up so she couldn't drop it down on me again.

Scout got his tiny hiney feet done too. Was somewhat challenging as he was just loose and wasn't sure he wanted to do this. I just stayed with him, didn't let it get to the struggling stage and didn't quit following when he walked off. Persistence sure pays with horses. It also helps that I've picked up his feet a lot. If I hadn't there's now way I could have gotten this done, he'd have been kicking and struggling.

Finished off by leaving Bella tied, then came in for something to drink, then let her out. Mack is still out there, still working on his patience... He has separation anxiety, poor guy. Life's sure rough for a horse, having to stand still and all...

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Pony Girl said...

Poor Mack, what a beauty! It is good for them to be tied and learn patience. My sister has a paint mare that will paw a hole to New Zealand if you leave her any length of time. I think her dam was a pawer, too.
Looks like Scout got some good lessons....and everyone got trimmed. I am glad Angus' vet visit went well, too!