Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Well hello. I know, I'm still not being a good blogger lately. You think I'm bad on this blog, you should see my other ones. They're very very badly neglected. Let me tell you why. With this glorious weather, when I have any extra energy, I ride! Or trim hooves, or just about anything as long as it's outside. So when I'm inside I really am supposed to be doing my housework, not blogging... Which leaves me with little energy to blog.

I've ridden almost every day this week. It's been fun. I didn't ride yesterday. I had no energy and was kind of grumpy, so Tonka got a day off. I'll ride today sometime.

I'm having a saddle dilemma. I'd like to ask my dad if I can buy the saddle I'm riding in. But it kind of hurts my hips, I'm not sure why. But it totally fits Tonka, which is what's most important. I think I'll just keep riding in it and see... It may not be for sale anyway. I'm also thinking about buying an Aussie saddle to try out, but they're so darn cheap they scare me. The only ones that aren't totally cheap are really expensive, there's no middle road. But if I bought a cheap one, I could buy Liam a horse or pony with the rest of my saddle money. We really need a mount for him. He was feeling left out the other day when three of us went out for a ride in the fields and he had to wait his turn to ride Soxy. If we had a mount for each of us, we could load up and head for the hills, ride a bit, have a picnic, play in the creek, etc. What fun!

I really need to get some good current pictures of Bella and scout. These are the best I've gotten. Isn't he a little tank? He makes Bella look tiny in this first picture.

And here's another, saying hello to the new neighbor cows. Darn loud bovines woke me up rather rudely this morning. I am happy to have them right next door again though, I love watching the calves play, and the cows with their oh-so-human social groups. You can tell they have specific friends, and there are certain cows who are happy to calf-sit a group of babies while the other cows are off having a girls' day out... It's cute.


Hans said...

Glad you are getting some ride time in. Rain every weekend here.
Scout is looking so much better. He is a great looking little guy and I am looking forward to seeing him grow up.
I know your saddle dillema. I just had to buy a new one for Vinny. $1600.00!
Hope you find something that will leave cash for another horse.

Andrea said...


Is that the nice Circle Y you were looking at? Wow, what fun! I like that saddle. Can't wait to see some pictures. Hope you can get some riding in soon!