Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wild Horse Adoption, Spokane WA May 17-18
* Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds, 404 North Havana Avenue – from I-90W, take exit 283B, turn left on Havana, continue north to corner of Broadway and Havana
* Saturday, May 17
8 am - 5 pm: Preview and registration
10 am - noon & 2 - 4 pm: Gentling demonstrations
* Sunday, May 18
8 am - 5 pm: Preview and registration
9:30 am: Adoption begins through silent bidding process
* 25 mustangs available for adoption

See you there?

A killdeer nest. What pretty little eggs!

On the home front, I had a lot of fun today. It was WARM and sunny. Caught Tonka, tied him to the trailer, left him for about an hour. Meanwhile visited with Bella and Scout. Scout decided it was time to go meet Mack and just went through the fence.

I guess we forgot to plug it back in after some fence work the other day. Mack was a sweetheart, just kind of welcomed him. I immediately opened the gate and let Bella through too, to avoid a panic situation. Mack and Bella love each other. And Mack makes a good babysitter. He's more stern than Bella too, which is good for Scout, the little shit.

He's a cute little shit though.

I watched them closely for a little while, then moved a trough and saddled Tonka and had lunch. After lunch we rode. Well, first we played kindergarten. Flapped the stirrups, yielded this and that, and asked for his nose. Then we rode. He was goony about some bare dirt so I had to get off and do some ground work over it for a while. Afterwards we rode over that many times, serpentined and circled over a hose, and crossed a ditch a few times. I called it a day after that and unsaddled him. He still had some time to stand tied after that though.

Oh, I forgot to mention I measured his mouth. He needs a 5.5 inch bit, not the usual 5 inch. Which is funny, because then I measured the bit I'm using, and it's 5.5 inch. I think I've decided what bit will work for him. I'll look for one at Ride the West this weekend. And then he'll probably hate it, but it's worth a try. I also found he takes a wider saddle than I thought. It's a 7 inch gullet. Which means the one I sold must have been even wider. I have a template all cut out to take to Ride the West. Maybe I'll find a good saddle.

Later I went ahead and tried Tonka in the cute little family herd. He was a jerk, but they kept him in line for the most part. He wants to pick on Scout, since he's the low man and thinks maybe this is someone he can bully. Butt head. I thought he would like Scout. And he probably will, once they work things out.

Mack-daddy. An excellent babysitter. Ah, the peace of nap time.


Anonymous said...

We're going to the Spokane event tomorrow. I hope to make it for the gentleing demo in the afternoon. I adopted a horse from the Odessa adoption event, Wildairo. (WILD AIR O). He's really doing well and I'm so pleased with him.
Hope to see you there. I'll be the one on cruches.

Pony Girl said...

Wish I could go to the Spokane event!! My cousins will be there.
Little Scout looks as cute as ever. Glad the intro to the herd is going well. Looks like he has come good bodyguards, anyway.

Andrea said...

Arlene, I didn't see you there. Bummer! I'm glad to hear that Wildairo is still coming along well.

Pony Girl, where do you live? Is it wet western Wa? On your blog it kind of looks like that part of the world...