Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I finally got to take my own horse up for my riding lesson today. And guess what. I didn't even get to ride. He made such an ass of himself. No offense to actual asses, it's just a figure of speech...

We tried both of my dad's saddles on him, and it turns out the one I don't like is the one that fits him. But at least now I know what fits, and can get something like it but more comfortable for me.

He was antsy and fidgety and a little worried about the dogs and the ADORABLE little baby pygmy goat that was running around making baby-pygmy-goat noises. No worries, I just ignored him and took him to the round pen. Where, as he was going through the gate, something happened and he became Mr. Rodeo Bronc Deluxe. The stirrups in this saddle are heavy (ask me how I know, and I will show you my shins from carrying the darn thing) and they of course flapped when he bucked, which sent him bucking more, and ending it with his signature Leap of the Goat. Unfortunately for me, he did all this while acting like he was going to jump into my lap for comfort, which was anything but comforting for me. Luckily no harm was done.

We did a bunch of remedial work after that. She had me flap his stirrup, but he was really freaked about it, so then we took the saddle off and sacked him out with a saddle blanket. He was really tense even about that! Back to kindergarten... When he relaxed we re-saddled and flapped the stirrups more. Hopped next to the saddle, rubbed his shoulder and elbow and girth area with my leg. My homework is to do this daily and tie him up a couple hours a day this week. Of course I also plan on riding, but hopefully all this remedial work will take care of that hole we had in his training, where he's all worried about being saddled. I knew I needed to do this, but was too lazy. Could have bit me in the butt big time had I been on him when he freaked. Moral of the story - don't ignore holes in your training! And desensitize, desensitize, desensitize!

Then it was time to RUSH home to make it to T-ball on time. Tonka had to go to T-ball with me, I was too late to stop at home. Luckily John showed up there, so I went home and unloaded my big dork. He acted like an ass yet again, rushing out of the trailer and not stopping when I asked, so we loaded and unloaded many times. Then he stood tied at the trailer for a couple hours. Then when I took him back out to the pasture he was being my big buddy again, and less like a cranky, fidgety ass. I forgot to mention that periodically throughout all this he'd pin his ears and act like he was going to bite me. Lovely day with my mustang. But it all ended well, and of course I still love the big goof.

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Christy said...

Not to be snarky, but darn if I'm not happy that this happens to other Mustangs too. I was about ready to.....well let's just leave it at that. I've been there, and I feel for ya!!