Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thank you all for your kind words about Scout. He's still doing fine. The eye waters some, but nothing else alarming to note. It's kind of interesting the way his eye reflects light now. I can't remember if that's supposed to get worse or not. She did say it will probably develop some scarring that will look exactly like damage from equine recurrent uveitis, but I'm not sure if that's what this is, or if it's reflecting more because the retina is detached.

I have decided that instead of keeping a separate blog for my domestics and my mustangs, I'll just write about them both here. And you mustang enthusiasts will just have to deal with it. Luckily I think we all love all horses, and we're not breed snobs, right?

We've been hoping to find a good horse for Liam, and it turned out that my niece doesn't want to ride anymore, so we got our Coda back! He's such a good boy! I missed having him here. Liam was SO excited when I told him Coda was going to be his horse. His face lit up, his eyes got huge, and he started clapping in excitement. So cute. I can't leave out my Tonka-man. We had a nice little ride yesterday. He is a good boy, mostly responsive. We're still working on standing still. And he's getting to really enjoy opening and closing the gate to the round pen. He tries to position himself there when I don't ask for it, because he wants to ride outside the round pen. Which is cute, but of course since I didn't ask him to do that, we had to redirect his energy for a while before going out. I tried another bit yesterday, a used Myler comfort snaffle, and he liked it other than the fact that it pinched him. So I think I'll go back to my other bit. I wish I could afford a new Myler, but my gosh, you'd think they're made of gold, they're so expensive. And I don't think Tonka really cares too much what bit I use. He fiddles with them all. He did seem to fiddle less with this one though...

And lastly, this has absolutely nothing to do with horses, but it was so much fun I have to write about it. Saturday was Liam's birthday, and we had a treasure chest full of chocolate coins and other trinkets. The idea was we'd give all the kids swords, eye patches, and such, then send them on a treasure hunt which would end at the treasure chest, of course. Our clues had them running all over the property before the end. However, I forgot to tell them not to go where the things are hidden before the party. So as we adults were standing in the pasture admiring the horses, we heard a bunch of hollering up on the hill. Sure enough, the boys had found the treasure. Which was probably even more exciting than a treasure hunt, because they had NO idea there was a treasure, and they found it. So they divvied up the loot, and later after cake they went and found all the clues and had a blast with that as well.

We all pitched in and got him a Gator to drive around. He only got the one present because it was so expensive, but he sure loves it.He even helps me feed. Drove me nuts the first couple days he had it, demanding that I go feed NOW so he could haul my buckets for me.
Happy trails!

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Della said...

All I want to know is what have you done with Liam, and who is that extremely tall kid with Coda?! ;-)