Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I don't have a whole lot of interest to report today. I was running around and didn't spend much time with the horses. But I am happy to report that when I went out to the barn, Tonka came running. I'd like to flatter myself that he just loves me that much, but he knows that when I head out there it's usually supplement time.

Today was also worming day. I normally would wait until mid-June, but Scout was due two days ago and I figured I ought to worm them all at the same time. Just to bore you: according to the weight tape Scout weighs about 200 lbs, Bella is 900, Coda is 1000, Tonka is 1050 (One of those weights has to be wrong, Tonka is a lot more massive. Weight tape is the best I can do though) Mack is 1100, and Fatty-Fatty-Tub-Tub (AKA Soxy) is 1150. Scout and Bella got Strongid per my vet's instructions, the rest got Quest, also per my vet's instructions. So Bella and Scout will be separate from the boys for a few days, since Scout may still be eating poo. Which, in case you didn't already know this, is a foal's way of getting the gut flora needed to digest food that isn't milk.

They were all very well behaved, although quite offended at the bad taste. I gave them lots of treats to help salve their pain. Except for Scout, he scorned my offering. It was too big, apparently, even though it was just a shard of a big pellet. Scout also had to be wormed on his right side. He couldn't see the wormer on his left, and every time I tried to poke it in his mouth he'd jerk his head away.

Well, I guess that's all I've got for now. My lesson was rescheduled again for tomorrow, so maybe I'll have something interesting to talk about then.

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