Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tonka and I didn't have such a fun ride today. I think rain makes him edgy. He wasn't listening as well. More resistant, gawking at everything. Pinning his ears too, which is annoying. He got his feet trimmed in the morning, then I rode this afternoon in the rain. Then he stood tied while I finished up with my bread dough and got back into a positive state of mind. When I went back out we did some more ground work, then had a better ride. It was raining even more by then. Got pretty wet. When I put him away he wasn't being so much of a pill. I made sure to go out this evening just to visit with him and take him a bucket with a few treats in it. I don't want him getting resentful because all I ever do is take him out for hours and torment him.

We have 3 more days of riding before Mustang Days. Hopefully we'll continue to make progress. Even if we don't, I don't think we'll completely embarrass ourselves. At least I hope not.


Anonymous said...

You won't I can assure you. Its a FUN show remember.


Pony Girl said...

Well, if his mood was anything like mine or all of my co-workers today....well, let's just say we had lots of rain too and it was miserable. Everyone was cranky. Maybe Tonka just had a case of the rainy day crankies! :)

ARL said...

Hi Andrea,
Horses have bad days like people I think. What I've done in the past so my horse don't get tried of me is just to give them a good grooming or to take them for a walk and let them graze and then put them away without riding. It also makes them easier to catch because they run off they know they could be missing out on a real fun time.

I've only found a couple of ticks this year. Some years we have hundreds on the dogs. I guess they have all gone where your at. lol