Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I am so tired of ticks! I don't know why, but this year is a bad year for ticks. I've found one on India, our littler dog, two on my son, one on me, and daughter has had a few crawling on her. My mom's dog had one crawling on her. Luckily it didn't attach; that dog doesn't have any juice to spare, she's so skinny and sickly. I've got the creepy crawlies now. Compulsively running my fingers through my hair... Ugh. Anyone know any good non-chemical tick deterrents? I thought about dusting our area with DE, but that'd kill all the happy little ladybugs too.

Today I have a full plate. I need to reschedule my riding lesson, worm the horses, go to a friends to feed her great Pyrenees and chicks and water the sheep and garden, water my horses, trim Tonka, get my mountain of laundry done, dishes, sweep, all that inside jazz, ride Tonka, and go to a softball game. Man, I don't know if I can get it all done. It would help if I'd get off my butt and get started, but I'm still drinking my coffee.

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Linda Reznicek said...

Hi Andrea. We've had the ticks, too--as you may have read on the MDH site. I think I pulled 6 off of Cia, 2 or 3 off Red, 2 off my dog. Thank you lord, none on any of us humans yet. :):) I've been spraying the horses and used Advantage on the dogs--but I don't know of any other way to get rid of them and since they can carry lyme disease--I'm just not too thrilled about hosting them. Since I've sprayed, no ticks. Oh, and we cut our grass, because the gal at Big R said the tall grass rubs under their bellies. She also said it has been a bad year and she heard of a guy who went hiking up North and found 20 on himself. SICK!!!