Sunday, June 01, 2008

We went camping yesterday, it was a lot of fun. There's a nice campground in the mountains just 20 minutes from us and we'd never camped out there before. We tried once, but we were too early for camping season, so we decided to rough it out in the mountains. Anyway, I walked way too much yesterday, and my poor injured foot is not happy with me. I had fun though, and got some pictures of some flowers and my kids and stuff.

My "kids" like to throw rocks. This was a very big rock thrown by a very big kid.

Here are pictures of Scout from yesterday. Remember how I was talking about his mane coming in dark? I don't think it's black, he can't be born red and turn black, but it's darn near.

He's getting big:
Bella let me pet her while she ate today, with a halter in my hand no less. I think she's getting over her shyness from last week.

This afternoon it was nice (but while we were camping it POURED rain) and I rode my sweet sweet Tonka. He is so awesome! He loves his new bit. I'm still thinking it's too wide, but he's happy with it, so until I'm sure I need to order a different one (waiting to ask some people who know more) I'm going to keep riding in it. He didn't fiddle with it at all today! And there was no sign of copper allergy after riding. He did have a few sores before riding, but I'm not sure if they were left over from riding the other day or if he's managing to irritate his mouth some other way. It didn't get worse by the time I was done riding today.

We're just working on walk, trot, whoa transitions still. He's getting so good at it! Not that he was ever horrible. But miracle of miracles his trot is getting NICE. He's not rushing clumsily around anymore. Well, not much. I should have done this a long time ago! We kept it fairly short today, then went to town.

After we woke up the sleepyhead.

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Pony Girl said...

Sounds like you had fun camping! I liked the pictures. Scout is sure getting big! I am curious to see what color he ends up being.
Oh, your sleepyhead looks TOO comfy! I need about a week of that, lol!!