Friday, June 27, 2008

I finally got a girth for the Aussie saddle that won't fall apart, and a bit like the one he likes that isn't so wide. Tried them out today and all went well! The bit is a D-ring, which I like better than the full cheek for Mr. Sticks-his-nose-in-everything. The girth is neoprene and I worried about heat but he didn't sweat under it much at all. It's got a texture that might let air in, I don't know. It's also nice and squishy soft.

After our ride I put the boys back in with Bella and Scout so they can share the shade this weekend when it's really hot. Tonka must have rolled in the pond because he was completely wet all over! Then Scout mounted him, he got mad, and chased the poor kid for a while. Scout is still wearing is thick foal coat so it worries me to see him running around that much. Then he went back to his mama and Tonka backed off. They're all grazing nicely now.

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