Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm Home I'm Home I'm Home!

What a long day. Allow me to just spew forth some randomness...

My car still gets 38 MPG with the AC on, even with a bad catalytic converter and over 108K miles on it. I went about 390 miles on about 10 gallons. (I did some more precise math with the actual numbers, but they're out in the car.) All hail the Toyota Echo!

The Connell National Forest Makes me sad. Some kid hacked it down, the jerk. See, it was just one hardy tree, all alone in the desert, with a funny sign someone had put up on the fence next to the interstate. I think part of the kid's community service was to plant a new one (or maybe I made that up, but there was a new one planted). The new one died. So now there's just a big dead stick coming out of the ground. I'm not even sure if the sign is still there.

If you head through the Columbia Gorge anytime soon I highly recommend taking the 7 mile scenic route through the Multnomah Falls area. We often stop off at the normal exit to Multnomah falls, but this was much more fun. We hiked up to Wahkeena Falls, just a .2 mile hike, barely longer than our driveway. It felt darn good to stretch the muscles. The falls were gorgeous and the misty spray felt really good. And even better, there was a picnic area and a potty there.
See the sunlight coming through the mist? It was way more enchanting in person.

Here's my awkward looking cayuse playing head of the welcoming committee.
Wee Scout and his mama. She's built like a bulldog, isn't she. And in dire need of a hoof trim.

Alrighty, I am just plain sapped, so that's all for today. It's good to be back.

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Linda Reznicek said...

We love those Falls--our son said it reminded him of Lord of the Rings. Its been a couple of years since we were there. I bet your glad to be back with your horses!! I get so homesick for mine!! And, we're leaving for vacation next week, too. :(:(:(