Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm still on vacation, no horses around other than a pretty roan a mile or so away, but thought I'd drop in to say hello.

Before I left we had a really windy day, and I saw that a tarp had blown into Scout's pasture. I was curious to see what he'd do with it but I thought maybe he wasn't interested because I never saw him looking at it. I guess he just hadn't seen it yet. John told me he saw Scout playing with it for a long time the day I left. Then Tonka thought he was missing out on something good, so he chased Scout off and played with the tarp too. He bored of it pretty quickly though.

The next day Scout found a hose, which I don't remember leaving out, but he had a blast with it. I hope he didn't chew any holes in it. This morning I guess his favorite toy was a rubber feed pan. He was flipping it around all over the place.

On the way over here I got a flyer and map on the John Wayne Trail, which goes along an old railroad bed from the Seattle area to Tekoa, Washington, which is just about 45 minutes from me. I can't imagine riding over some of the high trestles. Even leading my horse over them might be very scary. Heck, walking over them without a horse might be a little disconcerting. One of them crosses the Columbia River. There's also a tunnel over 2 miles long. That sounds pretty cool (figuratively and literally) but might be a bit strange for a horse.

As we were climbing up toward the top of the Snoqualmie Pass, my son said, out of the blue, "If I had wings I would fly far, far away, over the mountains. Do you know where I'd make my nest? I'd make my nest in horse poop. But not your horse's poop mom, because you might steal my eggs. I'd make my nest in wild horse poop. Really old wild horse poop. Mom, did you know that dinosaurs poop? They poop horses." After which he dissolved into laughter. Surreal, my son is. (We had been watching a killdeer nest in some old dry horse poop in the pasture, and I had said the eggs were so pretty I wished I could steal them, which gives some small amount of sense to his monologue...)

We're having fun. Visited Della and Mike and the kids and swam a LOT in the pool at their apartments. I want a pool! But I don't want to live in an apartment or keep up a pool... Now we're at my dad's, and have visited all my grandparents and my uncle. My grandma has kittens! They are so adorable. Only 4 weeks old. I guess her girl cat ran away overnight and well, you know, nature took its course. I want one! Or two... Good thing they're not ready to leave their mama yet. Or hmmm, maybe I could bring them ALL home... Just kidding... I think...

Love to you all! I hope you're happy and well.

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Anonymous said...

I know I don't want to ride over trestles or thru 2 mile tunnels either. I don't even like to drive over bridges.