Friday, July 11, 2008

It's road trippin' time! I'm off for about a week or so, visiting my bestest family that just doesn't happen to be blood related, and then on down to visit my dad and my grandparents, who I haven't seen in about a year. Will be fun, but I sure have a hard time leaving home. John will take good care of the place while I'm gone though.

We got all our hay in! Yay! And we found it for $45 a ton less than what we were going to pay. Alfalfa, which I've never fed before other than to the oldsters, so we'll see how that goes. I'll be feeding out over 7 ton of grass hay, and 4 of alfalfa, so their diet won't be totally rich. I just hope they're not bouncing off the walls on the jet fuel.

I asked John if he'd want to do a 17 mile trail ride on the Tekoa section of the John Wayne trail, camping one night, and he actually sounded really interested in doing it. Yay! So maybe sometime in the next month we'll be doing that. I'm hoping to find some other people who can go with us.

Speaking of John, I sure do love my husband. Every year during haying time he works so hard to put up a winter's worth of feed for the horses. He doesn't complain (except about the cost, which is understandable), and he actually kind of seems to enjoy it. He really doesn't even get into the horses much, but he does most of the hay stacking work. My man is so wonderful. (I need to remember this on those winter days when I'm slogging through knee deep snow feeling sorry for myself because the work is so hard.)

See you in about a week!

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