Thursday, July 10, 2008

Scout tried on some "clothes" yesterday. He looks pretty cool with it here. (Actually he reminds me of a little Mexican burro.)

But really he was quite suspicious:He had fun playing.

He did this for a LONG time.

After that I couldn't put the blanket on him, or get it past his eye, so it wasn't progress... But we'll try again with a halter on him. Actually today is hoof trimming day AGAIN, so I may only do that. His little hooves grow fast. I also have to trim Mack and Bella. Fun stuff.


nikki said...

Andrea, he is soooo adorable and he is getting big so fast! How tall do you think he will be? I read somewhere that you can make a guess by measuring something when they are foals. I will have to see if I can find the instructions. How old is Scout now?

Thanks for all of the photos! :)

Andrea said...

I'm not sure how tall he'll be. I'm guessing somewhere around 14.2 hands. Actually, that's what I'm hoping for, since that's about as short as I can ride them. I think he'll be taller than his mom, his cannon bone is longer. But that doesn't help me estimate because I'm not sure how tall she is either. I need to try that measurement on Scout. I think there's a certain age to do it so it'll be more accurate, but I don't remember what age that is. I think it might be at 6 months or later.

Eric Clayton said...

Beautiful colt. :)

Hans said...

Sout is looking so good! Whata silly boy. Sadie tore up a real nice saddle blanket a few weeks ago. Kids!
If you measure from where the hair meets the front hoof to the center of the knee it should be very close to adult height. Change inches for hands such as 15 inches= 15 hands. It should be within 1/2 inch of being right. As I understand it, that bone does not get longer from the day of birth. It will always be the same length

ARL said...

He looked so sweet and innocent at first then it looks like he had a 'mad half hour' as my mum says. He must be so entertaining to be around. Give him a kiss from me.