Monday, July 07, 2008

Short and sweet:

Yesterday Bella learned how to eat carrots. Yum! I love the sound of a horse crunching a big hunk of carrot.

Tonka still has that bad scrape on his back, no riding.

Scout didn't figure out the carrot thing, but he was very interested.

I'm dreaming of buying a Specialized saddle some day. Has anyone ever heard anything bad about them? Sure seems like a good saddle to me, and you almost never see them for sale used, so I'm thinking people who buy them are happy with them.

I've been working in the dirt a bit, taking care of my trees. Did some hoof trimming yesterday and mowed down a lot of dog fennel that had come up in the sacrifice area. Scout did a little work on the halter this morning, moving off my hand and a baby step toward circle work. Less than 5 minutes though, as I was feeling a bit nauseous.

Basically I'm just keeping busy, doing nothing of much interest.

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