Saturday, July 05, 2008

We had a good 4th of July. The horses didn't mind the fireworks much. Soxy got pretty worked up, but the others barely ran around at all. The last three, which were big "cakes" of many big fireworks one after another, had us hearing the sounds of thundering hooves, but other than that all was well.

Today we had a fun horsey day. A friend of mine and her 4 year old horse crazy daughter spent a lot of time with the horses. Coda was, as usual, a perfect gentleman. They both rode him. I rode Soxy since Tonka has that scrape on his back. She is super fat, and not quite as comfy to ride as she used to be. She needs to be getting more exercise. If Katia won't ride her I may need to either lunge her or ride her myself. I think my weight bothers her a bit though, so it may have to be lunging.

We went out during the wee one's nap and hung with the younger horses. Scout was being a sweetie but a little mouthy, as usual. He's so darn personable though. I'm loving him more and more every day. And he's a smart little fart, he's learning to respond to "leg cues" already. (Actually it's my hand on his side.) He also doesn't care if I lay over his back with a little of my weight, and I can "cinch" him up with the lead rope with no reaction. He still gets in my space rather persistently at times, but he's really coming along nicely, all in all.

Oh! Back up a day. Before everyone got here yesterday I took Scout out of the fence for his first little walkabout. Bella nickered in worry, then totally left to graze in the far pasture. Scout was worried and fidgety but it was totally uneventful. Excellent!

Back to today. I was loving on one of the boys when I suddenly realized that Bella had her nose buried under my other arm. She was cuddling with me! It was so sweet. She's been so stand-offish lately, this was totally unlike her. Tonight I started thinking about it again and went out to see if she'd hang out with me again, but nope. She wasn't interested. Scout sure wanted to play though and I had to get after him.

This week I'll be working on getting everyone's hooves trimmed, then leaving John home to take care of them while I go on a little road trip. Fun stuff!

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