Sunday, August 17, 2008

I am so happy to be home.

I've been busy as heck the last few days, should have some quiet moments here and there tomorrow though.

Look how big Scout got while we were gone:

Bella and Scout have both had a rider up! My 6 year old little mustang tamer sat on them tonight. With my arm firmly around him and hand hooked into his hip. Scout didn't care a bit, just twitched his back a little like he had a fly on him. I only let Liam sit there for a minute or less, don't want to hurt the baby. Bella was worried and it took a few tries. She stood nicely though until she looked around to her off side and saw him there as well. She decided to leave the scene at that point, but not with much speed. He also got to sit on Tonka, who just kept eating his dinner as if we weren't there. Liam says Tonka has a bony back. I agree. Mack was as worried as Bella was, but maybe a bit more reactive about it. He did eventually stand still for it, but didn't keep eating like the others did. He stood tense and worried the whole time. Goofball, he's broke to ride! Something about it seemed unnatural to him though.

I'll get pictures tomorrow, we're definitely going to do it again. Liam was SO excited to be the first to sit on them.

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