Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I haven't had time to do much with the horses, so I don't really have much to talk about. My time has been taken up by house guests, cleaning, and school shopping. Today I'll be cleaning again. And making sourdough pancakes. For lunch, not breakfast, because my chickens are slackers and we have to go to the store for eggs.

This afternoon my good friend is coming for a visit with her kids. They'll be staying until Sunday. We're hoping to get a little riding in, especially for the kids.

About the saddle...

Isn't it pretty? It doesn't fit. Too wide. But I've had two recommendations on pads that might make it work, and I think it will fit Bella and Mack. I haven't had time to try it on them, but they are both wider than Tonka.

It's been raining here, which means it's an ideal time to trim hooves. All the hard packed dead sole that I'm too lazy to pare out when it's dry and rock hard is now ready to come out. Well, kind of ready. It's still a chore. But Bella got her front feet done last night. I'll hopefully get her hinds and Scout's feet done today. Although, if we get the thunderstorms they're forecasting, the horses may not want to stand for it.

So anyway, that's my boring life right now. Not boring at all for me, I'm keeping plenty busy. I don't even want to get started thinking about all the stuff I should be doing that I don't have time for. Which doesn't include blogging, so I'd best get going...

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