Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sourdough Success! (Totally Not Horse Related)

I have tried many times to get a sourdough starter going. Well, at least two times. It didn't work. But I picked up a kit in the San Francisco airport that actually worked! In 24 hours I had this totally nasty smelling, bubbly concoction. Then I separated some out in hopes of having sourdough pancakes this morning.

Around midnight I was hearing the weirdest noise. Kind of like the popping of a fire, but not. it was the darn starter trying to escape the sealed canister I bought for it. So I got up and popped it open, cleaned up what shot out, and went back to bed. The bad news is, this morning my starter looks dead. I'm hoping to rejuvenate it in a warmer area.

The good news is, the baby starter for the pancakes was doing great. The pancakes were very good! Kind of bland, but I think the flavor gets better the more you feed your starter. I used this recipe. She says it's light and melts in your mouth, but I've never met a sourdough pancake that isn't super rich and sticks to your ribs. It almost makes me sick to eat them, but I love them so.

Sourdough questions in case any of you know:
  • Is sourdough residue bad for my septic system? I can just see it bubbling up and filling the septic tank with goo.
  • Is it good or bad for compost? Not that I have a true compost pile, but I'm going to dump this in my "poo pile."
  • Does it get easier to keep clean and fed as you get used to it? It's all very messy and time consuming.
  • Why do I have to keep such a large "mother starter?" This one overflowed out of a two quart container. I'd prefer that it didn't do that... Can I just take a little extra out and feed it the normal amount? I just need it a teeny bit smaller.
I better get online and research this some more... That, and I still have a lot of housework to do. Why do I seem to blog multiple times in a day when I'm supposed to be cleaning? I just can't help myself.

Oh, and on a funny horsey note, I have decided that Tonka needs a binkie. He just loves to play with things with his mouth... Maybe if he had a big horsey pacifier he'd be more settled. :)


nikki said...

Have you tried a jolly ball for Tonka? Tabasco, Shoni, and Sundance have a good time with them. :)

Andrea said...

Tonka has no interest at all in Jolly Balls for some reason. I thought he'd love it. But that does remind me, I have one around here somewhere. I'll have to find it and throw it out there for Scout, he loves to play with stuff.