Monday, August 25, 2008

Mack is fine so far. The vet thought he'd probably be fine. He told me to just watch him. Check gut sounds, heart rate, digital pulse and leave him in his pasture for the somewhat laxative effect of the grass.

I've been working on fence so I can replace the damaged section with HorseGuard, which is 1000 times better than the cheap tape that Mack broke. Then I spent a long time with Mack and the Mustangs (hee hee, sounds like a good band name). He's happy, lovey, itchy, and overall totally normal.

On another note, Soxy, the old appaloosa, is having eye trouble again. So I have to medicate her eye and give her bute twice a day. Poor girl, you can tell it hurts. She's also wearing her fly mask to protect the eye from the sun. She has shade available but isn't standing in there. Of course, it's cloudy today so that's probably a relief for her.

So far I haven't gotten anything done that I had meant to do today, but the stuff that came up was important, so that's okay.


Linda Reznicek said...

My horse, Cowboy, has broken our fence twice in two days and gone to the alfalfa pile. I think it's because the ground is so dry, the grounding rods aren't wet enough and not delivering a shock. Although, today it's raining and I got shocked pretty hard by it. So, maybe the problem is solved and I can let him out of his stall. I'll have to put him out again and test the situation--kind of scary though--a lot can happen when they break down a fence.

Callie said...

Glad to hear that so far is so good! Poor appy, hope the eye gets better soon!

Andrea said...

Linda, that is scary! Have you tried watering your grounding rods? I've heard that helps, but I've never tried it.