Monday, August 25, 2008

Mack is still doing fine, so I guess we're halfway out of the woods. I really don't think he ate that much...

Soxy is a wonderful girl, she let me medicate her eye and give her bute over the stall gate with no halter on in the dark with a flashlight. Doesn't get much better than that!

To keep it somewhat on the mustang topic, Bella has been really relaxed and personable lately, and even showed some curiosity! That is a big step for her, usually she stands tense and tries to stay in denial about anything that's going on around her.

I got a call from our area's BLM office the week before we left for Hawaii, and he wanted to do a compliance check on her. Since I was going to be gone he said we'll just do it some other time. I get the impression he doesn't get up this way much. I hope he calls soon, I can't wait to show off my good girl. I filled out a volunteer form to mail to him today. I hope I get a chance to help out in some way. He said he doesn't really need any help, they have so few adopters in this area of Idaho. Hmm, well then why did it take him almost a year to do my compliance check? He was much quicker with Tonka, came out about a month after I adopted him. I wonder if he remembered how well Tonka did so he wasn't as worried about getting to me right away this time.

Anyway, those are my blatherings for the day. Hope you all had a glorious one!

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