Friday, August 29, 2008

Yesterday I got to go visit with Lyric, one of our horses that I sold about a year ago. He's a nice boy. We tortured him though. Wormed him orally with a paste wormer. Most horses you'd say, "Yeah, so?" but Lyric has been known to lift people off the ground with his head when you try to stick that tube in his mouth. But I took my time and didn't get worked up, didn't let him get too worked up, and within 10 minutes we got it done. Then we sprayed him with fly spray. He's not quite as worried about that, but still doesn't like it. It took a little time too, but we got it done.

When we had just finished saddling him up he must have moved his head or something, and I had his lead rope on the ground. That's how I ground tie, and that's how I did it when he was here, but maybe it hasn't been done like that for a long time. And he's always been afraid of dragging ropes and ropes in general. I even left one on him for a couple days once, to no avail. He was scared and unhappy the whole time, and the only thing he learned was not to step on the rope. Anyway, yesterday he started to spook, did a double take, started running backwards, reared up a bit and flipped over on his side. He was headed straight for a t-post, and when I saw him start to go over it really scared me. The post was capped, but still. He didn't touch the fence though. Poor boy, I think he thought he was in trouble after that, or maybe he was just confused about what had just happened. He took a little sweet-talking to calm down.

That horse scares me as a riding horse. This is the second time I've seen him flip over. I hope he doesn't do it again, and I hope he never, ever does it with a rider on.

Then Laura came home with me. She hasn't seen Scout since he was really small. She thinks he's the cutest baby ever. And he's sweet. Mack and the Mustangs were very social, as usual, and they hung out with us for a long time. Well, Bella hung back a bit, but she didn't mind when we brought the herd over to her.

Someday I will ride again... Maybe even today... Although I'm not going to hold my breath. I still have some fencing to tear out on the other side of the creek, some temporary fencing to put up, and my house is a disaster area. So I suppose I better get going.

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Lea and her Mustangs said...

Andrea if you were at Lauras and didn't call I might have to pout. 15 minutes away and I would have come there and met you. Hello to Laura from me too.