Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Had a great ride on Tonka today with my sister and her friend. It was funny, her friend and I had matching helmets, boots, and horses.

Here's a picture looking from Washington into Idaho. (Tonka's ears make me laugh. He's always "watching" stuff.)

And here's Kamiak Butte:

Our destination was a little grove of trees that was so nice and cool and relaxing.

Tonka didn't agree, the whole thing kind of creeped him out a bit. But I let him eat some grass so he was happy.
But not really.

Sorry, Shel Silverstein moment there. And it's true, he was still worried. Not too bad, but then the wind came up and that made him edgy. He managed alright until we were leaving the trees and going back into the bright light with the sound of the wind in the dark trees behind him. He was reaching down to grab a bite of a weed and suddenly did his famous "leap of the goat." Except it must not have been so bad this time because I didn't come off. So we went back in and came back out, tense and twitchy, but no more leaping.

On the way back we went through some plowed ground. Tonka didn't complain but it must have been hard work to walk through that deep dirt.

And here's one of the things he used to be really worried and scared about, but now just watches carefully as we pass.

I love that he's getting steady enough that I can take pictures while I ride. Today was, overall, a really relaxing ride.

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Linda Reznicek said...

nice pictures! i love fall rides!!