Monday, September 22, 2008

I had some very nice compliments on my little Scout today. I was working him in the round pen while the excavator guy was moving dirt. He maneuvered his truck around, dumped his dirt, drove it back around and backed it into place, then stopped and got out. I thought he had a question about the dirt. But no, he wanted to admire my boy. He thought it was very impressive that I could pick up his feet so easily at his age, and that he was so personable and well behaved. Then when Scout took my whip with its garbage bag flag and started shaking it around, we both had a good laugh. I asked Scout if he thought he could chase me around now. He walked off, taunting me while I followed trying to get my whip back. Goofy baby.

He hasn't been swollen at all since yesterday morning. I think because they're playing so hard in the cold, windy weather. They ran around a lot today. At one point Bella was on a hill above Tonka and reared up, coming down on his withers. It was like a wild horse documentary right in my pasture.

I didn't do much today. Got some housework done. Cleaned both stalls of a couple weeks of buildup. Since they're not in there much that was only two wheelbarrow loads. Picked up a lot of mess in the yard from our painting project. Fed the horses and the people. Read my new book a lot. Can't wait to get back to my book. Thanks to the lazy day and the cold weather, I'm feeling very lethargic and unfulfilled. I think I need to get more exercise tomorrow.

Oh, and if you're in North Idaho or Eastern Washington or anywhere really, I know of a nice looking sorrel BLM mustang gelding (above) looking for a home. He's a special needs horse. Was halter broke and maybe even ridden at some point, but he's really not trusting and needs a loving partner. His owner is going through a medical crisis with her mom and the horse needs a home. She's also looking for a home for a yearling appy filly. Leave me your contact info if you're interested and I'll have her get in touch with you. Here's another picture of him in the middle of winter:

Speaking of re-homing mustangs, I almost forgot to update y'all on my Willow. I finally got up the courage to ask her new owner whether they had kept her or found her a home or what. (I was so afraid they had sent her to auction.) I had offered to take her back and never heard back from them. It turns out she's now the only horse of a 13 year old boy and they ride all over the place together. I'm sure she loves not having to share her human with anyone else. Here's my pretty pony, my first horse. She was one of a kind.

Here's a good one of Lyric I found when I was looking for a picture of Willow. Just have to resurrect this picture every now and then!

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