Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I was thinking I haven't posted many pictures of Scout lately, so I decided to inundate you with them. He's wearing an adult size halter. I haven't had time to make him one of his own, and this works just fine.

Oh, and contrary to how it looks in the pictures, I think I actually worked him longer in the other direction. Don't worry, I do switch things up and make sure to work him on both sides. His swelling was slight this morning and nonexistent tonight.

I had a very good ride on Tonka today. He was really wanting to go somewhere. We went to my sister's and got as far as the water crossing, which Tonka did quite well at, but her horse wouldn't go through. She gets really stressed out and starts flapping her lips then just shuts down and stands there, glassy eyed and sucking on her tongue. Kind of like Bella, but Bella isn't near that extreme. (Right Brain Introvert - and yes, I have been dabbling in the Horsenality thing. ) She's going to take some time. She's doing really well though. Eventually we went for a ride in the other direction with my sister on her bareback, and she was very relaxed and seemed to enjoy herself. (The horse, I mean. But not that my sister wasn't having fun too.)

Tonka was cranky when we did arena work, but when I headed out across the field he was happy and forward and didn't want to turn back. So we went for a the short little jaunt I mentioned and he was happy.

I tried my sister's cutting saddle on him. He liked it, or so she said. I thought he was still crabby about the arena work but more bouncy and lofty in his trot. But she said he was reaching out more, using his shoulders more, and less hollow backed. I think I'm going to have to take him to the local saddler and trade in the saddle I love so much! (Shedding copious tears.)

I was trying to think why on earth he's so good when I take him places, but so irritating when we ride at home. Not that he's always irritating. But I prefer to ride elsewhere. Probably partially because I don't have company when I ride at home. But I think part of it is that the trailer ride on the way to where we're going gets him mentally ready for the ride. So I think I'm going to start tying him for an hour or so before I ride.

Later I rode my sister's gelding bareback. He's not as hard to balance on as Tonka is (bareback) but he's also nowhere near the big comfy couch that Soxy is. He is a sweet boy though, and has the cutest black edged buckskin ears. Never appreciated them much until I had such a good view of them from his back. :)

Can't think of anything else to bore you with, so I think I'll go to bed.

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