Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Today has been a good day. Sunny and cool with a light breeze. A lone cricket serenading outside my window.

I did some hoof trimming this morning, then paired a lot of socks. I have this slovenly habit of throwing all the socks in to the Sock Basket as they come out of the dryer. So they pile up and pile up while my children whine that "I don't have any socks" and I dig through and finally find a pair, until I absolutely can't put the socks off any longer. Today we are all rich in socks, with no room in our sock drawers for even one more pair. I also realized I better get myself some new wool socks if I want to avoid getting frostbite again this winter.

As I paired socks, Tonka stood outside the front window tied to the willow tree. He managed to get his rope caught over the top of his head twice, but backed his way out of it. After fidgeting for about 10 minutes he prudently decided a nap would be a better idea.

I went out and took him a nice juicy apple core, for which he was ever so grateful. Then we did some ground work and some riding. Whether on the ground or under saddle, he was reluctant to trot today. I worry... I don't think I'll ever stop worrying about my equine friends. But we rode anyway, and he was his usual quirky self. I went into the round pen to start off, just because our last ride here at home was so frustrating. I wanted to make sure I had his attention amidst the heavy machinery (excavator, dump truck AND hydroseeder today) before taking him out and about. As soon as I mounted up he eagerly placed himself right against the gate so I could open it up and take us out. Which unfortunately wasn't the plan. Poor kid had to do some work first. But when it did come time to go out the gate, he opened and closed it like a pro. We rode around the fields, working on stuff we shouldn't have to work on. Walking in a straight line. Standing still while stopped. Paying attention to his big clunky feet rather than rushing down the hill. He wasn't bad by any means, just exuberant. The boy does enjoy life. We finished up in the round pen to show him that hurrying home doesn't help him get back to the pasture any faster. Had a talk with someone passing in a Blazer, which I think is our first mounted conversation with a vehicle. He's a good, good boy.

I'd like to saddle Bella up this afternoon. I have the saddle out waiting. But if John gets home and concurs that it's probably dry enough to start painting again I'll have to do that instead.

Tomorrow it's out to see the sheepies and my friend Melissa again. Hard work interspersed with great conversation. It'll be a good day.

Friday I'm headed up to see Lyric and Laura. I wish I could take Tonka up to play too.

Saturday we will be planting more trees. I need to get out and take some pictures of that for you. All those wonderful trees.

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