Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yesterday I was up before the sun. It was a beautiful morning, cold and clear. As I headed out to feed the horses I saw a family of deer wandering through. For once they didn't notice me and run, they just peacefully ambled and grazed.

I was up early so I could get out of here in time to go have a great girls' day out with Laura and Lea. We had a very peaceful time loving on Lea's horses. Their new mustang Rusty is about as gorgeous as they get.

Raven is beautiful too, such a rich color and a great face. She's the dark one here.

But my favorite of all wasn't a horse. Sweet little Yuma stole my heart. If he'd have fit in my pocket I might have tried to sneak him home with me. His ears are so wonderfully big, and incredibly soft. (Lea, if you ever want to send him my way, just let me know :) )

Laura had a fan club right away. And the great thing? She wasn't even bribing them with treats, they just loved her.

Here you can't really see her, but they're all following Laura.

Then we went out and had a great visit over lunch, then went to see Lyric. He's looking so much better now that he's moved. Laura is loving every minute with him, and it shows in how much he loves her back.

We also got to walk down the road a piece and see two other mustangs that I really like. Mestino was adopted at the same time I got Tonka. He is a gorgeous black fella. Leslie Neuman did a gentling demo with him, I still have the pictures. I had a little surprise too. There was a face in their pasture that looked incredibly familiar. A lot like Tonka. I thought it might be the filly from the gentling demo in Odessa. But I thought they'd said that was their Tennessee Walker. I asked, and sure enough it was the filly from Odessa! I'm so happy to see her with a home.

Thanks ladies for such a wonderful day! I had a lot of fun. Hope you two did as well.

Today was full of planting, parenting, painting, and patience.

We planted at least a hundred trees today. Lovely little trees. I sweet talked them as I coaxed them out of their pots, hoping they'll establish themselves well and thrive. The volunteer crew today was a lot smaller, but they worked hard and we got a surprising amount done. Wonderful people, all very friendly.

Oh! When the crew was out here yesterday they were very carefully checked out by a beaver in our creek! I feel so special, to be sharing my place with such a neat little creature. I'm thinking I'll go hang out down there sometime and hope to get a glimpse of it.

A haha funny for you... John asked me a couple days ago "Do you think so-and-so's a little odd? He always has this goofy grin on his face." I didn't think so, but well, okay... So today he says, "I think I know what it is, why that guy bugs me. I think he likes you! He's hitting on you!" Not sure about that honey. But I'm terribly flattered that my husband still thinks I'm hot enough to get the attention of a young good looking guy. :)

Oh yeah, back to the four p's. We then painted, after the planting. I want to have this project done!!!

Parenting... Well, there have been many altercations today, but they all lived through it. Katia has a friend over and Liam wants to be part of the fun and show off, but it's really pretty annoying so it leads to all kinds of yelling and hurt feelings and irritation.

Patience. Oh my gosh. We went out to dinner, a new place that just opened. We were there for over two hours! First we waited about 45 minutes for a table, then about the same for our food to arrive. They gave us some awesome cake free of charge though. So I guess it's all good. Might not go back there on a Saturday night though. And definitely not with kids on a Saturday night. They were great, but they enjoyed it about as much as I did and weren't afraid to tell us.

Now for something slightly more serious. Soxy is eating poop. I think she is IR and her body thinks it's starving. She's fat, very fat. But she has lost some weight lately. The vet told me to cut everyone back more so I did. So now I wonder, would it be better to feed her a bit more hay and hope she won't eat poop, or just leave her on the diet and let her eat poop? I'm leaning toward adding an extra feeding in the middle of the day.

Speaking of which, I better go feed, they probably really are starving by now.


Lea and her Mustangs said...

- had the best day in a long time. Thanks for sharing it with me. The dark horse in that picture is Abby though. Hope we can do a day again some time.

Andrea said...

I thought Abby was the little black mare you took to Mustang Days? I don't remember her having a brown nose. Too many to remember I guess... I loved Raven's dark fuzzy coat and her brown nose.