Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I have big news! I was going to wait to tell you until I had pictures to prove it, but I haven't had anyone to take them for me.

I climbed up on Bella! Several times now, from both sides. But I didn't get all the way on. Just draped myself over her back and wiggled my legs around in the air while I petted and made a big fuss on the other side. She's really tolerant, doesn't care much, just keeps eating.

Soon I'll throw a leg over. But I'll be better prepared for that, with my helmet and a halter and lead on her. I may have John hold her for me and lead me around, but I'm not sure.

Check out where we were on our lunch break today:

My friend Melissa and I took Soxy and Tonka out for a beautiful ride today. The horses were relaxed and seemed to enjoy themselves too. We saw some deer and some cattle. The fall colors are just starting to come on, and with the recent rains there's a fair amount of green too. Very pretty.

Here's Tonka playing hide-and-seek at lunchtime:
And a picture including Soxy's big beautiful arse:

I tried to schedule the farm call for Scout to be gelded today, but they never called me back. Sounded like they were really busy, and it's not like it's an emergency or anything, but I really wanted to set a date! I'm also going to have them re-check his eye and look at Bella's teeth and hips. Her teeth are probably fine but I want to be sure there isn't anything that needs to be addressed before I start bitting her. And she's had a weird hitch in her hind end, I'm hoping they'll tell me it's just the ligaments relaxing from birth and nursing. I know that humans continue to produce the "relaxin" that keeps things loose up until the baby is weaned. I haven't seen her have an off stride in a while, so hopefully it's not a serious problem.

I'm worn out, headed for bed. Good night!

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Linda Reznicek said...

Wow, you're brave! Sounds like she's easy going, though. About the gelding, I always did it around the first frost or later so there were less flies--so if they can't get to you, it might be a blessing in disguise.

You're getting a lot of trail rides in. I was--until our water went out again--the last few days have been all about water issues--replacing the panel--checking the pump--no showers--no cleaning--hauling 55 gallon drums around for the horses & trees we just planted--life is hard without water. And, $4,000 later, we should have water again. :(:(:(