Thursday, September 04, 2008

I wanted to say thank you to Barbara at the Serenity Room for the beautiful gift she sent me. It was an unknown prize, and she chose something very special for me, a rearing horse necklace. Thank you! What a fitting choice. :) (Not that my horses rear, the fact that it's a horse is fitting. Just thought I'd clarify.)

I rode my boy for two hours today, and tried 3 saddles, and still don't know which one he prefers. He seemed irritated when I rode him in the Orthoflex, but that could have been because I'd taken the first saddle off and he thought he was done. The third saddle was my dad's, and he seemed a little irritated at it too. But then maybe he was bored with the whole proceedings and wanted to be done. I am so tired of trying to figure out saddle fit on this horse.

We're going on a trail ride tomorrow, and I don't know which saddle to use. I really would like to ride in Arlene's Orthoflex saddle, but it hurts my calves so bad I can barely use my legs to cue him. I wish I had some half chaps or tall boots. I guess I'll play with different saddles and pads on Mack and Tonka before we go. My mom will be coming along too, riding Soxy. This ought to be interesting...

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