Friday, September 05, 2008

Well, I was able to upload one video anyway. Here's my mom on Soxy, and my Tonka's colorful and expressive ears...

We went out to Laird Park in the Clearwater National Forest and had a nice little ride.

Here's John on Mack. Sorry for the blurriness, I was taking a picture over my shoulder as we went along. Mack was a pretty good boy once he got over being in a hurry in the beginning.

My mom on Soxy (below). She was also a very good girl but doesn't seem to realize that tree boughs that are above her head might still be a hazard to her rider. She has no leg cues so that makes it harder... She had a hard time on the really steep downhill stuff. Her left hind leg has a hitch in its giddy-up and it didn't do well.

Tonka, begging for some Backcountry Bar: (Don't mind the ugly breastcollar, he had to give his good one to fat old Soxy because none of the others fit her.)

And Soxy REALLY wanted some Backcountry Bar:
I haven't mentioned the Backcountry Bars before, I don't think. They're the food of the gods! Perfect for a trail ride. Lots of protein, nuts, fruit, brown sugar. A meal in a bar. And way tastier than a Power Bar. AND all the ingredients are pronounceable. You can order them online here: You can also buy them in the bulk section of the Moscow, Idaho Winco. John and I, and Soxy and Tonka, highly recommend them. Mack isn't quite so sure...

Oh, and since my mom doesn't know how to email me pictures from her iPhone, here's the only picture of me I have:

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