Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We had some good firsts today! All went off without a hitch.

Bella took the pad and saddle like we'd been practicing this a lot, which we haven't. I've had the pad on her a while back, and myself just recently, and I had set a saddle on her last year, but never cinched up. No problemo today.

Would you look at these eyes? Go ahead, click on it to see it bigger. Aren't they just dreamy? Here eyes are what caught me at the adoption.

Meanwhile Scout was tied for the first time. (Yes, I waited too long, and Yes that's a Blocker tie ring. I love it.) (Oh, and yes, that's not a very manly color to put on a boy, but it's what I have.)
He didn't like it much, but by the time we were done he wasn't fidgeting, he was pouting.

Bella tried on a bridle for the first time too. She did like they all do with the bit. She'll wear it longer next time and hopefully will have enough to keep her occupied that she'll quit fiddling.
Tomorrow I'm going to put my new saddle on her so she won't look so awkward with a big icky synthetic saddle.

Guess what else happens tomorrow. Scout's castration! And Bella will have her teeth and hind end checked. She's still lame back there.

Here's what I found when I came back from the round pen:
I hate seeing him up on a wobbly ladder almost as much as I hate being up on a wobbly ladder. **Shudder**

Lest you think I was slacking with the horses while John worked, I'll have you know I painted for4 hours today (until my painting hand wouldn't paint anymore) after trimming hooves, then did laundry, and now I'm getting ready to go to the school. So don't call me a slacker, darn it.

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