Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Remember the abandoned blind horse I wrote about not long ago? Well, she is in good hands now at Shiloh Horse Rescue thanks to four wonderful ladies. Read the story from two viewpoints at Juli Thorson's blog and Mikey's blog. I want to say a big "Thank you!" to everyone who was involved. Wow, the things people can do when they get together and decide to make a difference.

Me, I'm not much use to the world... Have hooves to trim today, house to paint, and I think there will be a bunch of heavy machinery coming in. Yesterday a porta-potty was delivered for the crew. Can't wait to have our creek banks remodeled. I'm a little disheartened about the whole thing after some lack of communication and a screw-up in planning, but it will still be nice for the little fish. Hopefully they can still build a kinda-sorta creek crossing that I can use to take horses over to the arena in winter when I can't use my trailer.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, and watch out for yellowjackets! They're quite fierce and a little confused here lately...

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