Sunday, September 14, 2008

Check this out! We spent the whole weekend, other than the parade, scraping and painting. I was so happy to finally open up the paint after all that scraping.

Here's my "before" picture. But it wasn't before the scraping. Honest, my house wasn't this gross looking until we took a bunch of the paint off.

And here's "after." In reality it isn't quite done on this end, there's some more trim paint to go on over the first coat, and I'm going to add an accent color (this is a bit bland) but this is the basic idea. I love the light silvery-green paint.
We have maybe 30% of the house done. Maybe. So there's a LOT more work to do. My right hand is sore, but what's really shocking is that my right knee is in a lot of pain. I really have to be careful just to walk without hurting myself. Must be the way I was standing on the ladder.

If you were to paint a house with wood shingles (deep crevices) would you brush it, spray it, or roll it? Or a combination of more than one method? I chose to brush it. My hand hates me. But I was told that if I sprayed it, which would require renting a sprayer and doing a lot of masking, I'd have to brush it also to get good coverage. So I figured why not just brush it. This way I can do it on my own time too.

Today I had lots of help from my parents, John, and the kids (kinda) but tomorrow I'm on my own. I'll try to stay on task and not run away with the horses.

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