Saturday, October 25, 2008

I don't have much to write about today. It was another beautiful fall day, but I had a lot of unhorsey work to do. So I didn't get to have fun with them until the evening. Here are a few random pictures.

The boys having a chat. Tonka was trying to pretend I worked him really hard, but really we just played for about 20 minutes in the field.

Not a pretty picture, but it deserves the title "Hair." They've now been separate for over 48 hours. Poor things.
Here's a kinda-sorta picture of all 3 mustangs. Tonka is the butt. Hee hee.
Interesting, Scout's eyes are not reflecting the flash in the same way... I wonder, if I could get a picture of his injured eye, would it still show the ghostly cloudiness it had in the spring? I'll have to try some more for that. I tried tonight, but he blinked every time.


spottedmules said...

Scout looks like he might end up to be big enough for your husband!

Linda Reznicek said...

I can't believe how well-built Scout is. Gorgeous.