Saturday, October 25, 2008

Indroducing Jewel! Isn't she pretty? This is Melissa's new horse that I wrote about bringing home the other day. She's settling in, doing great under saddle in a new environment, and didn't mind the sheep. Poor Peaches, the donkey, is terrified of her for no discernible reason. So Rosie, the other horse, is keeping Jewel at a distance. They'll work it out I'm sure.

Isn't it funny how much she looks like our Mack?

Melissa was in love with Mack's looks, just not so much his personality. So she found a good one, sweet and gentle.

I rode again last night. Twice in one day! Tonka seemed happy to get out again and do a minimum amount of work. I had Katia take pictures and video of me riding in the Orthoflex saddle, and I'll get some in other saddles, to see how his back looks and how he moves in different saddles. He seemed pretty happy in both saddles yesterday. Of course neither was mine... Will have to keep experimenting while I wait for the perfect saddle.

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spottedmules said...

You two could dress up in matching outfits on your matching horses...they really do look alike!