Saturday, October 11, 2008

Today was a work filled day. First I fed, of course. Then I found a ladder and picked apples and pruned the tree out front. Oh, I got one last pear too, but I didn't get around to pruning that tree (0r any of the other apple trees). I need an orchard ladder, trying to set a regular ladder on uneven ground is not fun.

Here's my little harvest (yeah, a little bug eaten, but maybe I can cut the bad parts out and make apple butter):

Liam and I did some mowing after that. I did some and then we went out in the pasture and Liam sat on my lap and drove. People are going to wonder why on earth we have such a squiggly mow pattern just in the middle of one pasture. He didn't know he wasn't doing it right or that it really didn't need mowing, he was being big and getting some work done!

Then I put up temporary fence so the horses can't get into the pasture. They've eaten it down to nubbies. So now they're in a decent sized winter enclosure. While I was at it I picked up a wheelbarrow load of poop and took it out of there.

After that I fixed some insulators that had come loose. With Horseguard fencing you use zip ties to put the insulators on the T-posts. Do not use white zip ties! They will become very brittle and break. I guess it's been four years, so they did last a while, but the black ones are not breaking like the white ones are. Glad we didn't use many white ones. I ended up breaking them on purpose today and replacing them so I wouldn't have to do them one at a time throughout the winter.

When John got home he started filling the big water tank. While he was doing that I took the mower and its cart in to clean up more horse poop. Scout thought this was great fun! Bella and Tonka checked it out and then left, but Scout had to hang around and chew on stuff and stand where I was trying to scoop. He's so helpful. He tried to follow the mower out the gate, but I managed to stop him just before he escaped.

Then we went to water. Can't do all the trees in one day, we might empty our cistern. So we just did the ones on this side. Probably about a hundred and ten trees. I need to count, I keep forgetting.

Katia filled the buckets from our wonderful new tank, which we can't find an adapter for so we can hook a garden hose up to it.

John and I took the water to the trees. We did a little bucket filling too. It was a lot of fun, all of us working together.

Liam, he wasn't exactly working. The kid LOVES dirt.


Lea and her Mustangs said...

Our apples could be twins or what ever multiples. I don't know how to make apple butter. Was going to buy some at the Mennonite Sale but could not afford it. Almost 10.00 for a pint. My mom used to make it when I was a kid. What kid doesn't like dirt. When mine were that age they would have all 5 been out in the midst of the field. OH well, they wash.

spottedmules said...

Hi Andrea,
So about riding. I am still riding all over even though it is hunting season. I just stay on the roads and in the fields along the roads. The roads near the horses are mostly gravel with some parts paved. If you are interested, I'm still up for that, but I understand if that is not quite what you were thinking for getting together to ride. Unfortunately, my horses are leaving ID and heading to WI on Nov 13th (it's coming quickly). My dad and I are trailering them there, I get to spend thanksgiving with my family and get my horses settle in, then I fly back to ID to continue working until beginning of March. Then I move to WI myself. I know, it's sad to think about...and to think about spending the winter here without my horses! I'm going to go through withdrawl. So maybe I can come visit you while I'm horseless and get my fix.