Monday, October 13, 2008

Tonka had a very noticeable limp this morning as he followed me out to the hay. I immediately started thinking all kinds of terrible things. Then I noticed a small abscess exit wound on his heel bulb on the affected leg. Whew. I'm not unfamiliar with hoof abscesses, and I know they're no big worry. But this one is hurting him pretty bad and his leg is slightly swollen, poor guy.

So... I really want to go on a trail ride with the Mustang Club on Saturday. If I do I have to take Katia so she'll be riding Soxy. Which leaves me with Mack as my only option as a riding horse. We don't get along all that well... I've ridden him once, in an indoor arena when we first bought him. He was fine, but... I just don't trust him, and I know he doesn't trust me. We butt heads. So I think I'm going to work with him this week and see if we can make friends.

In other news: My husband is trying to kill me! He brought home a bag of decaf coffee that looked deceptively like real coffee! And he didn't tell me! (He claims he did.) I've been having a terrible time getting going in the morning, bad headaches, etc. Thought I was sick. Turns out my coffee wasn't really coffee! (And I probably have a little cold too.)

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spottedmules said...

Ah ha ha! Decaf! What's the point if there's no caffeine in it? It's a good thing you figured it out before you succumbed to the lack of energy! (although it's embarrassing to admit that you have an least that's how I feel about my caffeine addiction).