Monday, November 17, 2008

Here's our new boy!
Or I should say, "John's new boy!" But I'll have the care and feeding of him so I feel justified saying "our" unless he does something bad, then it'll be, "Guess what your horse did, honey."

Now we have 4 mustangs and only one domestic (but she's special and she stays! :) ).

He's a good boy. He supposedly comes from California but I can't read his brand and he didn't come with a title. As soon as I get it clipped and read I'll be looking into getting his title (he was titled at one time). He's supposed to be 13, although without a title it's hard to say... I'm guessing more like 15. But who cares really, as long as he's a good boy.

He packs and rides. Supposedly anyone can get on him and ride, he's not spooky at all and blah blah blah. We'll see. He did fine in his test ride, but that was just in the lady's yard. He sure seems like a good horse though. (I guess that's kind of obvious because if he wasn't I wouldn't have bought him.)

We're going to have to watch his feed intake. He's got quite a crest and that wavy hair has me wondering about Cushings. But Tonka's has been kinda wavy too lately, so maybe it's nothing... Cisco's feet seem fine, so I'm not too worried about founder, but from the look of him it could be in his future if he was fed wrong.

Has anyone here had a horse with Cushings? I'm going to have to join the EquineCushings group on Yahoo again, I've forgotten a lot about it...

I'll definitely have more pictures tomorrow! I might clip his brand tonight so I can see what's there.


arlene said...

He looks nice. Wildairo has those waves on his hind legs and belly. I've never had a horse with waves before. I thought it was the way he was sleeping or something.
Another thing about Wildairo thats weird, he eats everything! Echo picked some weeds out of his hay and also left a yucky brown bit from the bottom of the bale but not so Wildairo. He cleans his plate. I'm pretty sure he's eat moldy hay if he got some by accident.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Good going Andrea. Bet he's a nice one.

Kara said...

Wow, this change was fast! One minute you decided to sell Mack, next minute you were looking at a new horse, next minute (or second) Mack found a new home, and then voila!, a new horse is home with you! It must be fate because things doing usually go that fast with horses!