Friday, November 21, 2008

I forgot to tell you all about the crazy weather that came up yesterday. It was nuts! I was out riding Cisco and my cell phone rang. It was my sister so I assumed she just wanted to chat and I ignored it. Turns out she was trying to warn me to get off the horse. The weather hits her house before it hits mine since she's west of me.

So I'm sitting there on Cisco and this noise starts building and building. The trees start blowing and it just keeps on building. A tumbleweed blows by and leaves are coming down the driveway like they're out to get us. And the wind is still building. I decided to get off just in case, and watched the show. Huge patches of dark fog were blowing by very quickly. The temperature dropped 20 degrees in about the same number of seconds. Cisco wasn't acting worried so I got back on and worked a bit more. Which I later regretted because by the time I got him put back and everything put away I was FREEZING. But it was probably good because I don't want him thinking I'll get off every time the wind comes up.

What was interesting was the way Cisco reacted to the storm. While I was with him, and while he was tied and I was putting things away, he was fine. Watching everything, but not worried. As soon as I put him out and he was on his own he was scared. Not freaking out and running around, but obviously uncomfortable. I think that says a lot, that he is willing to trust and that having someone with him makes him comfortable. I'm still just tickled pink about this horse.

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Lea and her Mustangs said...

That is awesome Andrea. He is a pretty boy.