Friday, November 21, 2008

Melissa got a couple of good pictures of us today. In this one I think I was grinning because Tonka was a dork and jumped the creek, so we were going back in.

Here he's in the water and we're going to stop and stand for a minute.Still in the water.Break time.

Checking fences. That black dot up ahead is Melissa on her horse. Tonka is poky and sometimes we fall back because he has to be "schooled." Usually for trying to eat.

Had a great ride today but didn't take Cisco. He was a bad boy. I may write about that later but I'm too tired right now.

I also took our big dog Angus in to the vet today. No big deal, just suspected joint pain. I also asked about some scabby things on Tonka and he thought maybe it was rain scald. I didn't know we had that here. I'm not sure whether to believe it... But he's the vet. So I'm supposed to spot treat it with iodine. Tonka also has a huge abscess under his jaw that's about to pop. I thought it was a swollen gland. It's been there for months but just in the last week doubled in size. He did this two years ago also and I got all worked up worried about strangles. I'm not going to worry about it this time. It's probably cheat grass.


Kara said...

Wow, it looks so nice there. Once again, aprehension sets in about moving back to the midwest...

Anonymous said...

call me its erin does your sister want kitty?