Saturday, November 15, 2008

These may be the all time worst pictures I've ever posted on this blog. Oh well, it was dark, my camera was malfunctioning, and we were lucky to have John's phone there.

I think we're going to bring this guy home. But we haven't slept on it yet so don't hold me to it.

He is stout (needs a diet actually), comfortable to ride, and has a few flaws but is pretty uncomplicated. I don't know what HMA he's from, his brand was too fuzzy to read and they don't have his title. Someone once had it, so I shouldn't have trouble getting a new one from the BLM. She said he was from California, but you never know if maybe he was adopted there but came from somewhere else.

His face totally reminds me of Scout! Same eyes, same expression. He's sorrel and has a blaze, two hind socks and a bit of white on one forefoot. He'll be like a pea in a pod with the rest of the mustangs here.

Cross your fingers for me that this is really a good horse for John. According to the owner he's great for anyone, not spooky at all, but you never know... I have a good feeling about him though. Could just be the really nice saddle she had that I rode him in. Wow, I want one. It's a McCall.

She has I think 3 mules, a couple quarter horses, and another mustang for sale as well. The baby mule is ADORABLE. I think I might try to talk my sister into coming up with me and maybe she'll buy him. I doubt it, she needs another horse like she needs a hole in the head. But a mule, that would be a new experience. And I think its mama is a mustang, which is a good thing. :)

Alright, I better stop babbling and go feed my starving horses.

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