Saturday, November 08, 2008

Today's trail ride was canceled due to bad weather, but we still had a fun horsey day around the place. I took Tonka to the round pen and he remembered everything he learned the other day. I didn't run him around at all, I think he walked a total of 5 laps around, and the rest of the time was spent walking with me, and dealing with our "crowd."

I asked Katia to whoop and holler and clap and just generally be a spaz around the edges of the round pen.

She was definitely up to the task.

She had so much fun she got dizzy and fell down.
I think being a spaz may just be her calling in life.Not sure how many jobs there are in that area though...

Then after lunch we saddled up and went for a ride in the rain.
We ended up going down the road instead of across the creek and over to the arena. Going down the road is frustrating, it's hard to keep Tonka moving, especially when there are horses on the sides that he wants to visit with. But it was still fun, and he did better than he did last time, which is what's important.

When I got back I trimmed two of his hooves, which turned out to be a stupid idea. I've had a rib out of place the last 4 days or so, even breathing was painful, and today was the first day it felt almost normal. Not so anymore. But it's still not all that bad so I have hopes I won't have to go to the chiropractor. His hooves look much better now though.

When I went to love on Bella something red caught my eye. She has a wound that's become a pocket of pus on her lip. The hole is of course at the top of the wound so it can't drain. I squeezed a lot of nastiness out of there. She didn't appreciate it but she did let me do it several times without a halter. I'm sure that after the initial pain of it, it felt good to have that pressure relieved. I think I'll clean it up with some diluted iodine later.

Now I'm going to go watch a movie.


Kara said...

I think it's funny that so many horse people rode today despite the rain. I guess we should have done our trail ride on Wednesday (it was actually sunny that day). Oh well. So, I also sold that headstall today. A couple came by and bought a whole bunch of the stuff I was trying to get rid of.

Kara said...

And Tonka doesn't look to concerned about Katia spazzing out. Looks like he's paying attention to you in the first few pictures, then Katia in the last.

Andrea said...

Yeah, after her first few explosions he really wasn't worried. Just more curious. He paid attention to me even with her snapping a whip outside the pen and skipping in circles around us, singing, whooping, etc. I'd take him to go visit with her now and then to reassure him that she was still the same kid he knows. Kids are good training tools sometimes. I just wish we'd had an umbrella and a stroller for her to goof around with. Maybe that'll be tomorrow's game plan. :)