Friday, November 14, 2008

Tonka is off his feed this morning and looking miserable. I just offered him warm water and warm water with molasses and he refused both (but Scout was happy to lip and dribble it and then stick his nasty foot in there). I decided to give him a dose of Banamine. He does have gut sounds on both sides and I saw him poop, so that's good. I suspect he didn't drink enough last night. I'll be putting the tank heater in later today, for sure.

I finally got to ride Mack last night, after several days of just walking and grooming. He was a good boy. I'm heading out to ride him at the arena today. Hopefully I'll get some pictures too.

I was really looking forward to riding Tonka today as well, I really miss him after spending all my time with Mack. Hopefully he'll be feeling better tomorrow.

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Linda Reznicek said...

I hope Tonka starts feeling better. The Banamine is probably a good idea--salt block and warm water.