Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Attack of the Giant Dinosaur Turkeys!
(I should have posted this on Thanksgiving)

Here, if I was creative, I would have added some creepy music, like maybe from Jaws. But I don't know how so you'll have to imagine it.

This post was inspired by Kara's turkey post today. Turkeys are so neat.


Kara said...

Turkeys ARE neat! I love them. Next time we get a flock, I'm going for the heritage breeds that don't get so heavy. I'd like a small flock that can naturally reproduce from which we can harvest toms when we need them.

Kara said...

BTW, those pictures are awesome!

Linda Reznicek said...

Great pics--are those your turkeys? Did they survive Thanksgiving??

Andrea said...

That's weird, blogger didn't tell me I had comments!

Kara, Me too! I think I'm going to do it next year. I'd like to get some electro-net and make a portable turkey house so I can move them around. I hate keeping them cooped up and I don't like cleaning up after them.

Linda, yeah, they were our turkeys a couple years ago. We raised some last year also, but none this year. I just couldn't get up the energy to get everything ready for them in the spring when my allergies were really bad. I think we did eat one of them for thanksgiving, the others we didn't have the patience to wait to eat. Home raised turkey is good. I hear it's REALLY good when you feed them a lot of apples. I'll have to try that.