Thursday, December 04, 2008

My darn horse ran me over! Well, almost anyway... I was soaking his jaw, squatted down next to him while he munched away on his hay, thinking sweet thoughts about what a nice picture he made out there in the dim moonlight. My mind wandered to John's riding lesson and I don't remember exactly what I was thinking about when suddenly - wham! Tonka's leg slammed into mine, and I would have stayed on my feet except his lead rope (which I didn't even need on him, but had left on after giving him his antibiotics) was kind of part way around my leg on the ground, so down I went, Epsom salt water flying. Boy did I cuss. I'm probably lucky I wasn't hurt, and with nobody here to save me... Good thing Tonka was bolting away from me, not over the top of me.

We had a good but short ride up at Melissa's today. I found one of my tires almost flat when I was going to leave, then she had a few things to work on with one mare and a tack issue with the other, so we didn't actually ride for very long. Which was fine. Tonka took a long time to relax, so it's probably good we didn't just get on and go. He was tense and twitchy and not listening. Too much inactive time while he was in quarantine.

The sheep wandering through the trees seemed to be something he wasn't too sure about, even though he's seen them before. They sure look sinister, drifting from shadow to shadow...

Definitely need to keep an eye on those creepy sheepies.

And when we got back Fiona and Wilbur were there to greet us.
John and Cisco's lesson went really well yesterday. The trainer likes Cisco and thinks he's a good match for John. Said he probably wouldn't be winning any races, but that's just fine by us!


Kara said...

He must have so much energy from being cooped up for so long! That is so cool that John is taking lessons with Cisco.

I've been thinking about when to come out for a visit. Weekends work best for me. I know that your family is home on weekends, but would that be okay? I can bring the EMM series (from the 1st competition) and the other training DVDs that you want to borrow. We could have an EMM movie night.

Andrea said...

Weekends are totally fine, anytime really, as long as I don't have something else going on. I usually don't have concrete plans so it should be easy to figure out a time to get together. I'd love to have an EMM night!