Friday, December 05, 2008

Givaway alert! Read on for more info! But first I must babble at ya.

So much for not getting hurt last night when Tonka knocked me over. You remember I mentioned having a rib out? Well, it finally had gotten better (I think, at least it wasn't bothering me anymore) and now thanks to Tonka I have the same sort of pain on the other side. The chiropractor insisted that he fixed it, but it still feels the same. Money down the drain... How does one fix their upper back when it insists on doing things like this? I'm feeling that the chiropractor isn't the answer. Stretches? Yoga? If I could just get it in place I promise I'd be more dedicated with my exercises to strengthen it. I'm not sure I should work out when everything's out of whack though.

On to another non-horse-related subject. I have been more in the sprit of giving this year of my life than ever before. I LOVE it. Even though most times what I give is small, it may make a big difference in the larger scheme of things. Ripples in the pond. Today at the grocery store the Salvation Army bell-ringer was there with his red collection thingie, and instead of slinking by because I have no cash, I happily folded up a dollar to give and told the man "Merry Christmas!" I am going to make a major effort to at least have some change on me whenever I go out.

So, in the spirit of giving, I'm going to have a few little giveaways this month. Small things, but hopefully fun things. And hopefully in return the winners will "pay it forward" with a small giving gesture of their own. Just leave me a comment on this post and I'll pick someone randomly. Consider yourself ordered to leave a comment if you're here reading. Say "cheese" or "rumplestiltskin" if that's all you can come up with. If you are tempted not to comment because you don't want the gift, I promise you I'd be happy to donate to a great cause in your name. There are many options available for giving at this site.

I'll announce the winner Sunday night.

Happy Holidays!


Lady Of Chaos said...

The whole give-away thing has taken on this year. I had a drawing on one board for two of the goat kid coats that I made. It was great. I ended up giving 4 away.

Keep up with the spirit! It makes you feel good inside. I hope your back feels better soon. I would start slow with regular stretches and then try to build up the muscles themselves. Good luck.

Della said...

Ma'am yes ma'am!!!:-)

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Andrea, try just stretches or yoga. That should help. I should give something away on my blog. I will think it over this weekend.

Kara's mom said...

What ever you have in mind I like the idea of 'paying it forward'!
Makes Christmas more meaningful.
Kara's mom

Agent of Chaos said...

I disbelieve everything you said in this blog.

Darn it! I did it again! Like a redneck male version of Britney. NOT.

Nothing like an obscure blogculture reference to confuse you eh?

Kara said...

I usually have problems with my neck being out. I think it has to do with back posture while working the the computer all day. I used to go to a chiropractor (back when I had a state job and really good health benefits). Now that I can't afford a chiropracter, if my neck is out (and sometimes I can feel it in my sternum), I arrange pillows to support my back and keep my neck straight in the night while I sleep. It really helps! One way is to have a pillow under the small of my back another for my upper body, so the the back of my head just hangs off the pillow...this stretches and pulls my neck back from the hunched position I sit in during the day. On my side, I have a pillow under my torso, and then a smaller one for my head so that my shoulder isn't too compressed, and my neck is in the correct alignment with my spine. Spending at least a few hours this way in the night when my muscles are relaxed seems to straighten things back up. Just an idea, and maybe too much info, but I understand how annoying back/neck problems can be.

Linda Reznicek said...

I don't know what to do about bad backs--I've never been to a chiropractor.

I feel the same way about giving this year--more excited--I used to be a little annoyed of the bell ringers, but this year I want to put money in their buckets. I read in the Spokesman this morning that, historically, charitable giving increased in hard times. Yay!

Your trip to Lewiston is funny to me because I used to live there. You're really living the quintessential "country life"--Christmas trees on horseback!! Wow! Going to the "big" city to get supplies. And, that is a bummer about Corral West. :(:(

froglander said...

It's nice to see the holiday spirit alive and well :)