Sunday, January 25, 2009

I taught myself how to tie a fiador tonight. Not the knot, I already knew that one, but the piece of tack that goes on a bosal. It consists of a fiador knot and a hackamore knot, more commonly known as a jug knot. Mine won't be near as fancy as the one hyperlinked above. Just a knotted length of rope. Once I go get the rope. Then I'm going to try riding Tonka in my sister's bosal.

Bella is talking to me a lot lately. I'd like to flatter myself and think she loves me, but I think she's asking me to take her back to her baby. She's getting along better with Cisco now without Scout in the mix. She even stood over him while he napped today. But he still pushes her around.

Yep. Well. I guess that's it for today.


Linda said...

Good for you! I need to work on knot tying someday. My neighbor brought me these super-oldtimer horse magazines and they have lots of good/crazy ideas--some are knot tying--but lots of other things. I hope to scan a few and put them online for laughs. :)

Bummer about separating mama and baby, but it has to happen. Hopefully, she doesn't get too stressed!

Rising Rainbow said...

I have learned to tie that thing several times but don't seem to retain the information. Maybe it's because I don't use it all the time. I just know that when it's time to retie it to adjust a bosal for fit a particular horse I drag my feet dreading the whole thing.